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Nail In Tyre Repair

As soon as you spot a nail stuck in your tyre, you should act quickly.

  • Monitor your tyre pressure. You can use a tyre pressure gauge or tyre pressure monitoring system to do this. These devices will tell you if your tyres need to be inflated or not, especially if there is a nail stuck in one of your tyres.
  • Do not remove the nail. Keeping it in while driving is a way to prevent air from going out of your tyre. If you remove it, your tyre will deflate if it isn't already run-flat or you haven't applied a tyre sealant on it.

Have it checked out and repaired as soon as possible. The sooner you can do this, the better. Go to the nearest garage or call a tyre specialist to repair your tyres wherever you are. If you do not act on a punctured tyre quickly, it may render your tyre beyond repair and could cost you dearly, especially if you have premium tyres.

Although a nail in your tyre is not a life-threatening situation initially, if water begins to seep within it, it could wear away the steel belt and cause more issues thereafter.

How much to repair a tyre?

According to Checkatrade, the average cost of tyre repairs range from £25 to £45 per tyre. A lot of tyre repair specialists offer a flat rate for this kind of service while others can even offer a mobile service and come to you wherever you are!

That's the great thing about Imperial Tyres. If you do not have the time to visit the garage our specialists can come to you if you need mobile tyre fitting, tyre repair, wheel alignment and tyre change.

Alloy Wheel Repair Swindon

There are many reasons why you should have your alloy wheels repaired instead of replacing them. For instance, if your alloy wheels are discoloured or have dents, scuffs or kerb scratches, you can save a lot of money if you just send them in for repair instead of replacing them.

If you need alloy wheel touch-ups or full refurbishment services, visiting a reliable tyre repair specialist will help you save hundreds of pounds. Alloy wheel repair in Swindon is a cost-effective way of keeping your tyres roadworthy without compromising your safety.

So, if you need someone who can remove scratches or scuffs on your alloy wheels, manage the discolouration, colour match or refurbish them, you can trust Imperial Tyres to do just that and so much more! We also offer a wide range of car services so feel free to talk to our team on 01793 531990 if you need assistance. We have the resources, experience and expertise to deliver the high-quality services that you truly deserve!

Can a tyre be repaired?

It depends on a lot of factors. When it comes to punctured tyres, the location of the puncture is a vital aspect of its repair. If the puncture is located in the central area of the tyre, it can be repaired. If the puncture is located outside this area, such as the sidewall, a repair is not possible because the sidewall carries the largest load of the car and the repair process can weaken its structure and endanger you. Due to the fact that it carries the heaviest load, the sidewall needs to flex sufficiently and if any patches are applied in this area, it is not considered ideal.

As we have mentioned earlier, if the puncture is located in the central area of the tyre, your tyre can be fixed, especially if the puncture is minor. However, if the size of the puncture is greater than the maximum area specified by the British Standard BSAU159, tyre repair is not allowed and you should have it replaced. If the punctured area is more than 6mm, tyre repair should not be attempted and you should have it replaced instead. If your car runs over small objects like a nail or other sharp objects, a repair is often possible but for items that are larger, the damage is often bigger so replacement is advised.

Reliable and trusted vehicle repair specialists like Imperial Tyres always check the condition of your tyres before a repair is attempted. If our tyre repair specialist notices upon inspection that your tyre no longer qualifies for the legal minimum tread depth or there are other signs of wear and tear present, they will not carry out the repair. We always prioritise your safety and it will always stay that way.

Can run-flat tyres be repaired?

Unfortunately, they cannot be repaired as it will be unsafe to do so. They are specially designed to be able to run for a short period of time if you have a puncture in your original tyre. Giving you enough time to get to your local garage or get home rather than leave you stranded and helpless on the side of the road.