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mobile tyre fitting

Mobile tyre fitting

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to replace your tyres yourself. This is where mobile tyre fitting services come in. If you don’t have the time to get to your local tyre fitting centre you can always choose to have your tyres fitted at home or at work. 

Most tyre fitting centres are equipped to fit a comprehensive range of tyres that are suited to your vehicle, so be sure to enquire about this service in advance and get a quote from them.


If you want to keep your vehicle roadworthy, you need to solve tyre problems as soon as you can. It is better to repair minor problems before they get worse. 

To maintain your vehicle’s performance, your vehicle must be checked regularly. If you will leave it, its performance will wear down as time goes by. To prolong your vehicle’s life span, have it repaired and maintained, especially your tyres because they are highly susceptible to wear and tear. If possible, have them professionally checked at least twice a year. This is one way of ensuring the optimum driving performance of your vehicle and reducing the risk of accidents. For instance, tyre blowouts, spinning and falling off your car are avoidable if you subject your vehicle to regular checkups. 


Wheel alignment is an essential part of vehicle ownership. First, it helps increase your fuel efficiency. If your car is not aligned properly, your wheels will not work properly. In reaction to this, your engine will work harder to propel your vehicle forward and this reaction reduces your fuel efficiency. 

Driving a vehicle with improper alignment will cause some parts of your vehicle to wear prematurely and unevenly. For instance, if you hit a bump on the road, your suspension and steering systems will be impacted. Some areas will take a harder hit, causing your vehicle to break down unevenly. You will eventually face expensive repairs if you will leave this untreated. 

If the alignment of your wheels is off, you will notice that your car tends to drift to the right or left even though your steering wheel is perfectly straight. This will cause you to constantly adjust your steering wheel which is tiring, distracting and even dangerous, especially when you are driving long distances.

Regular and proper vehicle maintenance will keep you from experiencing any unexpected issues that could leave you stranded on the road. Don’t let this happen to you. Let a professional take a look at your wheel alignment so you can increase the lifespan of your tyres and help keep you safe on the road too!


Before you start changing your tyres at home, make sure you have the complete tools. Preparing them in advance will make your task a lot easier. Take out your car jack, cross wrench, torque wrench, wire brush, grease pencil and gloves then you are good to go.

Changing your old tyres to new ones is very beneficial. Although they are only a part of your vehicle, their overall condition will highly impact your driving conditions too. For instance, brand-new tyres will give you a safety cushion for the next 100,000 miles (more or less), increase your vehicle’s ability to turn, stop or go, drastically improve your gas mileage, improve your traction or even give you a better overall driving experience. 

New tyres have deeper treads so they can give you a much smoother ride, especially if you are going on a long trip. They are also less noisy compared to worn-out ones. Both of these factors affect your driving experience. As you already know, driving with uncomfortable and noisy tyres can make your travel very undesirable.

If you are not comfortable changing your tyre yourself many garages offer a mobile fitting service, the mechanic can head out to your place of work or home and get your tyre sorted for you. 


Some car tyre centres are equipped with mobile fitting vans that can carry out tyre fitting and puncture repairs wherever you are. Arranging for these services is also easy because all you need to do is contact their staff and they’ll fit or repair your tyres as soon as possible. Aside from that, their experienced staff will recommend the best fitment and price that will meet the needs of your vehicle. They can also arrange an appointment on the same day and supply all makes of tyres such as Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, GT, Hankook, Kumho, Michelin, Pirelli, Toyo and others. 


People want to save money and that is why they buy part-worn tyres. If you know the history of the tyres that you are considering to buy then it probably is a safe and economical decision to make but in reality, you rarely are able to do this with part-worn tyres that are available for sale in tyre centres. The quality control that many vendors have on part-worn tyres may also vary so you may need to personally check each tyre to be safe. 

If you have decided to go for part-worn tyres, we would recommend that you pick a well-known tyre brand because most famous brands are well known for their quality standards. If you can buy your tyres in pairs so you can get the same tyres that would theoretically match the axle of your car. If you buy a single tyre, it is very unlikely that it will be able to match the other three tyres that are already fitted in your car. 

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