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Tyre wear FAQs

It is a matter of fact that safety should always be our priority. It is with this idea that compels us to regularly check the roadworthiness of our vehicle. There are many things that we should check on our vehicle but we can always start with the tyres.

Why is it important to check your tyres? First of all, the efficiency of your vehicle will depend on it. Underinflated tyres will make your vehicle prone to overheating. Overinflated tyres, on the other hand, can affect the steering capability of your vehicle.

Your tyres will also affect your vehicle's braking distance and fuel efficiency. So if you want to increase the lifespan of your vehicle, and your tyres, you need to check them regularly.

How Often Should A Set Of Tyres Last?

It varies, depending on the quality of tyre, your driving style, and your habits. This is why it's important to make sure you check your tyres at least once a month, to monitor how they're wearing.

What Should I Know About Tyre Wall Markings?

The markings on tyre walls are mainly there for two reasons; to indicate the size and specifications of the tyre and to prove that the tyre has passed European and other country safety standards.

Imperial Tyres know everything there is to know about tyres, and we can advise you on every aspect of tyre safety, specification and suitability. We stock a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets and can supply and fit them for you whether you need replacement tyres locally.

When Do Tyres Become Worn Enough To Be Illegal?

The central 3/4 of the tyre must have a tread depth of at least 1.6 millimetres. Anything under that is illegal, and you're committing an offence if you continue to drive on them.

How Can I Personally Check My Tyre Tread?

You can check your tyre tread by using a twenty pence coin. Put the coin on the main tread. If you cannot see the outer rim of the coin, it means that your tyres are legal. After checking the main tread, check the other treads because one part of your tyre may be more worn than others. While you are checking your tyre treads, it is also advisable to check for cuts, tears, bulges or other damages. If you can see any damage to your tyres, it is best to have them replaced immediately.

What Is The Difference Between Premium And Budget Tyres?

There are typically three main reasons for the differences between premium and budget tyres; enhanced technology, improved all round performance, and greater safety characteristics.

Why Does Tyre Technology Matter When Choosing Tyres?

Premium tyres utilise the latest technology and research; not only in materials but also in test methods, industrial procedures and research and development. Premium tyres are developed to give the best performance in safety, grip, rolling resistance and endurance that's available on the market at any time.

How Is Tyre Performance Improved By Manufacturers?

Budget manufacturers tend to make products to a price point, whereas premium manufacturers strive to make the best tyres they can, using their best technology, developed and tested throughout the markets where the tyre is going to be used.

What Causes Premature Tyre Wear?

All tyres wear differently, but premature wear can be caused by a number of issues. Rough winter conditions, or poor quality tyres, for example, will result in more rapid rubber degradation.

What's Causing My Uneven Tyre Wear?

Your tyres should be wearing evenly - if they're not, something is wrong. It may be an issue with your vehicles tracking, or wheel alignment. Either way, it pays to get it checked.

How Can I Reduce Tyre Wear?

There are many ways to reduce tyre wear. Correct tracking and alignment, for example. Another is to be sure you're gentle with your steering, brake, and throttle inputs as you drive to reduce wheel-spin.

How Do I Test If My Tyres Are Worn?

The very best way is to invest in a tyre depth gauge - they're highly inexpensive. This gives you an accurate reading, to the millimetre, and allows you to know when to invest in new tyres.

What Are The Safety Features I Should Look For In Tyres?

Premium tyres are expected to offer enhanced safety on the road and premium manufacturers work extensively with original equipment vehicle manufacturers, to give their cars the best possible performance by optimising the relationship between the tyre and the car to give the driver the best safety, grip, comfort, noise, longevity and rolling resistance.

Will I Notice Tyre Wear When Driving?

If the wear is severe, then yes. You will notice reduced traction when accelerating, and the handling of the vehicle will become compromised - this will become even more severe in wet/cold weather.

How Can I Tell If My Tyres Are Misaligned?

If you notice abnormal wear on your tyres, it's often an indication of a mechanical anomaly with the vehicle, such as incorrect alignment, or problems with the steering or suspension mechanism. Vehicle suspension misalignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear, which can lead to expensive problems, and can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. If you notice any irregular wear on your tyres, you should have it checked by a professional as soon as possible. Our experts can check the alignment or tracking of your vehicle and identify and correct any problems.

What Happens If My Wheels Are Misaligned?

If your suspension is misaligned by just 4mm (2mm per wheel), then for every mile you travel the tyre is being forced sideways by the equivalent of 8.4 metres (28 feet) on a car with 15" wheels, causing excessive shoulder wear on your tyres. By ensuring that your wheels are correctly aligned, you can add thousands of miles to the life of your tyres, and also increase your fuel efficiency by reducing roll resistance.

Where Should I Go If I'm Not Sure?

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