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MOT Testing

Whats involved in an MOT?

If you own a vehicle over 3 years old, then one of the key things you must do is have a yearly MOT inspection carried out. This is required by UK law so is not something you can ignore without facing serious penalties. The basic function of an MOT is to assess whether your vehicle is fit to be on the road.

But what exactly does an MOT involve?

MOTs explained Standing for the Ministry of Transport test, an MOT is an inspection carried out by verified garages on your vehicle. It can take up to an hour to perform properly and, if your vehicle passes, an MOT certificate is issued which lasts 1 year. If your vehicle fails any of the checks carried out, they must be repaired before your valid certificate is issued. But what happens in a standard MOT? The garage in question will perform a range of basic visual and operational checks on your vehicle to ensure everything is up to scratch. This includes: - making sure your indicators, brake lights, reversing lights and headlights work properly - checking your horn works and that your battery is in good order - checking over your electrical wiring for signs of damage - testing the steering and also the condition of your suspension - checking your brakes, brake pads and levers - making sure your tyres are up to standard and wheels are safe to use - testing your seat belts - general check of the bodywork, licence plate and speedometer - testing of your exhaust system and emissions - making sure your wipers work and you have a proper view of the road As you can see, the MOT test involves quite a few checks! It is not just to make sure everything works either - if any component is below the required level, then this will be flagged up.

Expert MOT testing in Wiltshire

Here at Imperial Tyres, we have a new fully equipped MOT test centre for class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles. If you live in the Wiltshire area and want a professional, affordable and friendly garage to carry out your MOT, call us today.

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