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changing tyres

What's the best way to change a tyre?

If you’re a driver, one of the most important skills you’ll need to have is the ability to change a tyre. A flat tyre can happen at any moment, so being prepared, having the necessary tools as well as the confidence to carry out the job, is vital. 

The good news is that changing a tyre doesn’t have to be difficult. A few tools and a little know-how is all you need! Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step guide on the best way to change a car tyre. 

The Kit:

The items you’ll need to change a tyre are: 

• Jack 

• Lug wrench 

• Spare tyre (that’s fully inflated)

• Your owner’s manual 

How to change a tyre?

1. Find a good place to stop

Before you think about changing your tyre, you’ll need to ensure you’re in a safe spot to carry out the work. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer a flat tyre while on the road, look for a layby or quiet side street away from busy traffic. Once stopped, turn your hazard lights on and apply the hand brake. 

2. Remove the hub cap

Before lifting the car, remove the hub cap. This is far easier to do while the car is flat on the ground. You may need a locking key to do this. Then, take your wrench and twist the lug nuts to safely loosen and remove them. 

3. Lift the vehicle

Place the jack under your vehicle on the side of your flat tyre. With the jack positioned correctly, lift the car about 6 inches from the ground. 

4. Swap the tyres over

Gripping the tread, slowly remove the flat tyre from the hub. It’s heavy, so ensure you have a good grip before doing so. Place it down carefully to ensure it doesn’t roll away. Taking the inflated spare tyre, carefully place it on the hub and tighten the lug nuts as you go. 

5. Lower the vehicle 

Once you’re happy that the new tyre is securely in place, lower the vehicle on the jack until the car is on the ground. Go back with your lug wrench to check the lugs are tight. 

Now your vehicle is fitted with a new tyre, it’s time to stow all tools away and replace the hub cap. Away you go!

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