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MOT checks

MOT - Everything you need to know


MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. An MOT test is a vehicle inspection that is required for most cars, vans, motorcycles, and trailers in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three years old. It is designed to check that your vehicle meets certain safety and environmental standards.

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The MOT test covers 10 main areas:

  • Vehicle Identification – checking the vehicle's registration number and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Controls and Instruments – checking that all the controls and instruments in your vehicle work properly, such as the steering, brakes, lights, and horn
  • Exhaust System – checking that your vehicle's exhaust system is in good condition and not emitting too much harmful emissions
  • Wheels and Tyres – checking that your vehicle's wheels and tyres are in good condition and have the correct tread depth
  • Suspension and Steering – checking that your vehicle's suspension and steering are in good condition and that they work properly
  • Bodywork and Structural Integrity – checking that your vehicle's bodywork is in good condition and that it is structurally sound
  • Lighting – checking that all the lights on your vehicle work properly, including the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • Visibility – checking that the windows on your vehicle are clean and free of obstructions, and that the mirrors are in good condition
  • Seatbelts – checking that all the seatbelts in your vehicle work properly and that they are not damaged

If your vehicle fails an MOT test, you will be given a list of defects that need to be repaired before you can get it retested. The defects are categorized as either dangerous, major, or minor. Dangerous defects are the most serious and must be repaired immediately. Major defects should be repaired as soon as possible, but you may be allowed to drive your vehicle until they are fixed. Minor defects do not pose an immediate safety hazard, but they should be repaired within a certain timeframe.

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