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Brake Skimming

If you’re a driver, it’s likely that you have had trouble with poor braking, brake judder or a pulsing brake pedal over the years. If so, you’re also likely to have paid high prices to replace the discs or pads to try and rectify the problem.

At Imperial Tyres in Swindon, we have the latest technology to help save you time and money and improve your vehicles overall braking performance. Here are a few problems that the PRO-CUT PFM900 on the car brake lathe can sort out:

  1. Before you fit new brake pads, the old pads would have worn the discs to a wedge shape, often with a sharp lip, which can hugely reduce its life and performance. 
  2. Heavy braking and distorted hubs can cause the brake discs to warp, leaving high and low spots on the disc and thus causing brake judder and poor braking performance. 
  3. Rust build up that can quickly cause poor braking and failed M.O.T tests. 

The cure for all of these problems is to use PRO-CUT PFM900 on car brake lathe. This bolts directly onto the vehicles hub, and thus ensures that the disc is resurfaced true to the hubs axis. This will guarantee that the hub and disc are perfectly matched with one another. 

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