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Engine Diagnostics

Got a random warning light on your dash? 

At Imperial Tyres we use the latest diagnostics equipment to quickly find any faults with your vehicle and identify the source behind any warning lights. 

Imperial Tyres - Engine Diagnostics

What is car diagnostics? 

All modern vehicles are now fitted with an engine control unit (ECU). Data from sensors all around vehicles are then fed into the ECU and any faults which are picked up by the sensors are then fed to the ECU. Where it then triggers the relevant warning light on the users dashboard. 

Through diagnostics we are then able to pinpoint the fault and it's location and then conduct vehicle repairs quickly to avoid the fault becoming worse.  


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Imperial Tyres - Engine Diagnostics

Benefits of diagnostics:

  • Quickly and precisley diagnose faults.
  • Save time and money on labour costs.
  • Allows you to identfiy faults early before they deteriortate further.
  • Allows us to advise on the best repair options. 



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