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Imperial Tyres offer excellent customer service to our customers throughout Swindon and nearby areas. We hope you find our booking FAQs useful; if you have any other concerns regarding the booking process, please get in touch today. 

I’ve entered my vehicle registration number and the tyre size shown is not the one fitted to my vehicle?

Our tyre size data is provided by matching DVLA data to tyre size data from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) to identify the tyres fitted to your vehicle as original equipment. Sometimes cars are fitted with upgraded wheels/tyres, so we recommend that you always take a moment to double-check the tyre size actually fitted to your car before making a booking.


I’ve entered my vehicle registration number and my car doesn’t come up?

Double-check that you've entered the correct details e.g. entering letter O in place of a zero. Whilst we do have data for many Light Commercial Vehicles we can’t always guarantee this. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer motorcycle tyres, but there are other specialist fitting centres that can. Also, if you have recently transferred a personalised number plate it can take the DVLA a few weeks to update their database.

If your vehicle's details are substantially incorrect you should contact the DVLA.

Alternatively, simply enter your tyre size e.g. 205 55 16 and speed rating for a full list of available tyres.

I’ve ordered the wrong size tyre by mistake- what do I do?

Whilst we will do our best to help, it is your responsibility to check that the tyre size you have selected for fitting to your vehicle is correct. If you are concerned about this you should contact us as soon as possible on 01793 393733.

If you forget what tyre you’ve booked you can always check your confirmation email or call us on 01793 393733 and we’ll quickly check our records for your booking details.

Do the prices quoted include fitting?

Our prices are for fully fitted tyres and include a new valve, wheel balancing and casing disposal.

I’ve made a booking for a fitting, but have not received an e-mail confirmation?

Please check that your spam filter hasn’t caught the email and then you can always contact us on 01793 393733 and we will e-mail a copy of your confirmation to you.

Can I amend my booking?

If you want to amend your booking, please notify us as soon as possible by telephone on 01793 393733.

Can I get my tyres fitted earlier?

We always try to offer a fast and responsive service, which is why we have developed this online booking system. However, if you require a fitting date sooner than the dates offered on the site, call on 01793 393733 and we’ll do our best to bring your booking date forward if stock is available. 

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Premium Vs. Budget

There are typically three main reasons for the differences between premium and budget tyres; enhanced technology, improved all round performance, and greater safety characteristics.


Premium tyres will use the latest technology and research; not only in materials but also in test methods, industrial procedures and research and development (R&D). Premium tyres are developed to give the best performance in safety, grip, rolling resistance and endurance that's available on the market at any time.


Budget manufacturers tend to make products to a price point, whereas premium manufacturers strive to make the best tyres they can, using their best technology, developed and tested throughout the markets where the tyre is going to be used.


Premium tyres are expected to offer enhanced safety on the road and premium manufacturers work extensively with original equipment vehicle manufacturers, to give their cars the best possible performance by optimising the relationship between the tyre and the car to give the driver the best safety, grip, comfort, noise, longevity and rolling resistance.

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Guide to Alignment 

We make it our business to know everything there is to know about tyres, and we can advise you on every aspect of tyre safety, specification and suitability. We stock a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets and can supply and fit them for you whether you need replacement tyres in locally.

How can I tell if my tyres are misaligned?

If you notice abnormal wear on your tyres, it’s often an indication of a mechanical anomaly with the vehicle, such as incorrect alignment, or problems with the steering or suspension mechanism. Vehicle suspension misalignment can result in rapid, irregular tyre wear, which can lead to expensive problems, and can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. If you notice any irregular wear on your tyres, you should have it checked by a professional as soon as possible. Our experts can check the alignment or tracking of your vehicle and identify and correct any problems.

What happens if my wheels are misaligned?

If your suspension is misaligned by just 4mm (2mm per wheel), then for every mile you travel the tyre is being forced sideways by the equivalent of 8.4 metres (28 feet) on a car with 15’’ wheels, causing excessive shoulder wear on your tyres. By ensuring that your wheels are correctly aligned, you can add thousands of miles to the life of your tyres, and also increase your fuel efficiency by reducing roll resistance.

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Guide to Tyre Wall Markings

The markings on tyre walls are mainly there for two reasons; to indicate the size and specifications of the tyre and to prove that the tyre has passed European and other country safety standards.
Imperial Tyres know everything there is to know about tyres, and we can advise you on every aspect of tyre safety, specification and suitability. We stock a wide range of tyres to suit all budgets and can supply and fit them for you whether you need replacement tyres locally.

1. Type of Construction

Nearly all modern tyres are of Radial construction, as in this example.

2. Load Index

A numerical code referring to the maximum load the tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol. In this example, the code is 91, therefore the maximum load per tyre is 615kg.
Download the table below to find out specific load index details for each code:
3. Speed Symbol

A letter which indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding to the Load Capacity Index. In this example, the symbol is V, therefore the maximum speed is 149mph or 240km/h. Common speed symbols in the UK are ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘H’, ‘V’, ‘W’ and ‘Y’
Download the table below to find out specific speed ratings for each symbol:
4. Uniform Tyre Quality Grading Markings

Required by USA consumer information regulations (not required in UK).

5. Country of Manufacture

In this example, Made in Great Britain

6. Brand Name

In this example, Energy

7. Location of Tread Wear Indicators

(This marking is not on all tyres.) Tread wear indicators are moulded into the base of the main tread grooves and are set at the minimum legal depth of 1.6mm. These act as a visual warning when the tyre tread starts to approach the minimum legal depth.  On Michelin tyres, a small Michelin man is used instead of “TWI”

8. North American Department of Transportation (DOT) Markings

Compliance symbol and identification number (not required in UK).

9. Manufacturing Date Code

These numbers represent the week and year the tyre was made. The first two numbers are the week, the second two are the year. In this example, 1607 means the 16th week of 2007.

10. European ECE Type Approval Marks and numbers.

This proves that the tyre has been tested and passed European safety standards.
‘S’ = Sound (the tyre complies with EC noise directive).

11. Tyre Construction Details

12. Commercial Name and Identity

In this example, Michelin

13. Max Load/ Pressure Information (Not required in UK.)

Not to be used for setting pressures. Use the vehicle manufacturer recommended pressures.

14. Indicates exterior sidewall on asymmetric tyres (For fitting purposes.)

15. Tyre Size Designation

This indicates the width, height and construction type of the tyre, and the diameter of the wheel it is designed for. In this example, 205/55 R 16 means:
205 - the nominal width of the tyre’s cross-section in millimetres.
55 - is the ‘aspect ratio’ - the ratio of the sidewall height to the cross-section width.
R - stands for radial construction.

16 - stands for the nominal diameter (in inches) of the wheel that the tyre is designed to fit.

If you are in any doubt about the markings on your tyres, or would like advice on anything related to tyres, you can get in touch with one of our experts by calling the telephone number displayed at the top of this page.

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