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Road Force Balance

At Imperial Tyres in Swindon, we use the very latest technology in wheel balancing; the Hunter GSP9700 road force balancer. This balancer puts the tyre and wheel through a simulated road test by applying a load roller; the balancer not only measures the out of balance, but also the RFV (Radial Force Variation) and the LFM (Lateral Force Measurements). 

Once these measurements have been identified, the balancer advises force, matching the stiff point of the tyre with the low spot of the rim, allowing for a smoother ride. 

LFM results allow the wheels to be repositioned to the vehicle to achieve a straight drive. The Hunter technology used by Imperial Tyres in Swindon uses smart weight. This reduces weight use and spoke location, enabling us to position weight behind the spokes for a cleaner look.